Thursday, August 30, 2012

(DO)n't Qu(IT)

I wanted to talk about motivation today. Lately I have been lacking in this area both in my workout routine, eating healthy, and my professional life. Sometimes we get burnt out and we have to find ways to motivate ourselves in all aspects of life. Professionally I have attended a development class that has been amazing- I feel recharged and ready to get back to business. I also have a 3 day weekend approaching which always helps.

I am trying to find ways to motivate myself to workout and eat healthy. I have changed to a morning workout routine- why you ask? Well the fact is at 5am I have nothing going on. The only thing that even knows I'm awake is Sophie and she is happy to get back in her crate for an extra snooze!

My goal this week has been to find one reason a day to keep going with my healthy lifestyle. 

To Age Well: I am 25 years old and my goal is to keep myself healthy and looking good. I have seen people that are in their 30s and they look like they could be 45. I know aging is a normal process of life however I want to be able to live life to the fullest. 

Family History: If you haven't spoken to your family about what might be lurking in the past get on it! I honestly started this when hearing a story about my great-grandmother. She lost her legs to diabetes and my grandfather is currently struggling with this disease. I DO NOT want to face that and by keeping my weight down and working out can significantly reduce my risk of contracting diabetes. Check out this article- one piece: people at risk could lower their chances of contracting type 2 diabetes by 50% by lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise Prevention Article. HOLY CRAP! Sign me up!
My Family

Makes Me Look and Feel Good: I always tell my mom not to focus too much on the looking good part of this but it sometimes is the only thing that gets me doing that extra ab workout. I wanna look good in that swimsuit! I want you to not only look good but feel good as well. I feel good after I eat something that is good for me or after the long hard workout. 
Me= not sexy at ALL

To be that "Fit" girl: I know its silly but I want to be that girl that everyone is like "oh my she runs and eats so healthy" I just want to be that girl. I also tell Duane I want to be that couple that runs together and has rocking bods that our fat friends are jealous of. Yes its silly and a bit petty but I am determined to get there!
Duane and I 

How do you stay motivated? 


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