Friday, August 24, 2012

How to Workout Safely Outside

Happy Friday Folks! As you  can see Sophie is beyond excited the weekend has come!

This morning started off with a bit of a scare! Sophie and I ventured off to our morning walk- I was still half asleep and not totally focused yet. We had been walking about 10 minutes and Sophie went crazy- I quickly noticed a man that was walking to his car and heading to work. This got me thinking how safe am I being while going on these twice daily walks?  So  I came up with a few ideas to help when you go on a run or walk outdoors. 

1. Let someone know where you are going and how long you plan on being gone. Duane calls me every morning usually I am talking with him on our morning walk. I always text him when I get back in the house if he doesn't get a text by 7am he is calling me! 

2. Have a buddy! Sophie is my buddy- while I realize a 15 pound Chiweenie is not the typical guard dog she is LOUD. I don't think Sophie would let someone get too close to me gotta love my sweet girl. Many times when I stay at Duane's I take Bogey Bear with me- Doesn't he look mean?! If you want a laugh watch this video about taking a pitbull on a walk-  Walk A Pitbull- Bill Burr    

3. Carry your phone with you AT ALL TIMES. Make sure your phone is with you and charged you never know when you might need it. You might need it if you get in trouble or if you see something 

4. Leave valuables at home. There is no need to bring a credit card, cash or wear jewelry on a run or walk! Just leave it at home its not worth having someone that might try to take it. I do think its a good idea to have an ID on you just in case something happens. 

5. Run with pepper spray- I always carry my little bottle in my hand for quick access. Duane tried to show me how to use my keys to hurt someone but I think that would all go out the window if actually presented with danger :) 

6. Walk in "normal" places. I don't walk where there isn't a trail there is plenty of places to walk on the side walk and is well lit. No need to take a chance and walk down that shady path. 

7. Watch what you are wearing. This one is more for the ladies- while many mornings I am tempted to roll out of bed in my PJ shorts and take Sophie I always throw on workout pants or Nike shorts. In today's world we project a message with what we are wearing. I want to project I am working out and could kick your butt. 

8. Trust your gut and use common sense. If I have learned one thing from dating a police officer its to listen to your gut! If something feels wrong go home, if you are uncomfortable do something about it. Also don't hesitate to call the police. You can always call 911 or look up your local Police Department's non-emergency number and save it in your phone. Just call have them check it out- I swear it won't be the silliest call they went on that day/night. 

Happy weekend :) Here is my favorite picture of Bogey after we got back from our walk! 


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