Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lazy Saturday

Today started off with me falling asleep on the couch about 3am with Duane. We have gotten into the habit of just sleeping on the couch together and getting in the bed much later. My back is now mad at me! Sophie decided she would like to stick with her normal schedule and had me up at 6am I just let her run around the house while I slept on the couch! I was NOT in the mood to get up today- birthday night was beyond fun and showed me what a wonderful man I have. He really took care of me and made me have a wonderful day!

Breakfast today was watermelon! I will admit that I had a bit too much wine and it was perfect to wake me up and give me some much needed water. Sophie also stole my half eaten bowl so I had to get round 2 and she enjoyed the rest!

I made 7 layer dip for lunch/snacks. I made the "healthy" version using no fat beans and low fat sour cream. I had it with tacos for dinner tonight.

Today's workout was not impressive. I did 20 minutes of steady state cardio on the elliptical and a 10 minute walk to finish up. I spent about 15 minutes stretching after the workout since I am so stiff after taking off for 2 days! I never thought I would say this but I missed   the gym. Getting nice and sweaty today felt good and I actually wish I would have done a little more now that I am home. I Sophie on a quick walk before the thunderstorms started rolling through!

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