Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Little Bogey Time

The boy had to work last night so he called with my normal wake up call this time it was 7am not his normal 545! Sophie and I got out of bed and went on our walk- it was so nice outside! Texas in August is not the best time of the year but we took a nice long walk to take advantage of the cool weather.

Today I was lazy for breakfast (as usual) and had a protein shake. Then it was off to the gym!

Todays workout:


0-3 Resistance 5
3-10 Resistance 11
10-12:30 Resistance 13
12:30-15 Resistance 14
15-20 Resistance 7
20-30 Resistance 7 (pushing HARD)

1 Mile Run on the treadmill

I was planning to lift a bit today but so many people were at the gym I decided
that I would call it a day.

I made a snack after my shower and even let myself have some dip and chips since I KNEW Duane wouldn't be out of bed and I wouldn't get lunch until (well its 2:30 now and he is STILL out).

Since I do not think I will be getting food anytime soon I am debating a trip to the store. I need healthy food! I get to spend my afternoon hanging out with these two crazies (the other one was bad and is in time out)!

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!

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