Saturday, September 22, 2012


Hello All!

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Finally Friday

Happy weekend everyone! This week has been a doozie and I am happy to finally put the lid on it. Of course Monday I will have to open the box again so I am taking advantage of my rest days.

This weekend Duane is working so I am solo on food! Lucky for me he pre-cooked me chicken and fish for the weekend. Yes ladies he is taken :)

Last night I was once again spoiled and Duane made me dinner. Duane is sticking to his diet and has lost almost 8 pounds! I am really proud of him for sticking to this next I am going to work on him running with me.

We had baked salmon steamed snap peas and a yellow bell pepper with balsamic vinegar. I loved the added flavor! I also was not allowed to put any salt on anything- yes I might have salt issue.

Duane is pretty much off carbs of any kind but will have some occasionally. I however am trying to only eat carbs in the morning then a small amount with lunch to keep me going. Dinner is a lean meat and veggies! I will also usually let myself have some kind of fruit.

Enough food talk lets talk workouts. I am devoted to get back to working out 6 days a week-which has NOT happened this week. I am hoping tomorrows workout will get me back in the groove and I haven't lost it all. I think a week off helped me actually I needed the mental break and I am trying not to beat myself up about it.

I was reading another fitness blog the other day and she said something along the lines of "I have put in 9 miles today and 5 of those were pushing that dang heavy stroller" What? 9 miles and with twins in a stroller? All I could think was Allison stop being such a big fat baby! Get your butt out there and get busy.

So this weekend I am workout ready and getting it done. I will post workouts tomorrow before I head out to the gym.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Workout Playlist

Whew! This week has been BUSY and my body is feeling it. I have also been extremely naughty and not hit the gym at all this week. Yes ladies and gents this is my first "bad" week I have had in quite sometime. I have been so focus and working really hard. This week life happened and I decided to be lazy and slept not go to the gym. Bad idea.

I have vowed to take Bogey on a run tomorrow morning and made Duane promise a nice long walk tonight- even though I really just want to eat cookie dough and watch Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Ok maybe not the cookie dough but that show cracks me up!

As I installed the new update to my iPhone this morning I realized I haven't shared any workout playlist. To be perfectly honest I usually just pick a station on Pandora- they have workout stations with a good mix. However here is what is currently on one of my favorite workout playlist.

Whistle- Flo Rida
Drive By- This is Not a
Take Me or Leave Me- Glee Cast
Brokenhearted- Karmin
You Don't Know You're Beautiful -What Makes you Beautiful
Want U Back- Cher Lloyd
One More Night- Maroon 5
Misery- Maroon 5
Stronger- Kelly Clarkson
Toxic- Brittney Spears

As you can see I am in a bit of a pop mood today. I usually like happy pop sounding music when working out. I also like the pandora thing since I honestly don't like to spend 20 dollars a month on new music- yes I am a cheapo!

I like to imagine I can dance in the real world I cannot. 

Change is a coming for The Fit and Fab Life! I am still trying to workout all the details but will keep all of you posted.

Duane made salmon for dinner so I m off to stuff my face!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dallas Dinner and Boot Camp Sign Up

Some fellow co-workers were in town and we decided to take them for an adventure to downtown Dallas. We settled on a  Hoffbrau Steak House which was a great choice! I also commend the steak house for keeping everything a reasonable price. 

I chose a 7 oz. sirloin which only was about 13 dollars which included a salad and a side. The group also got an order of fried pickles to share.  I decided that I wanted a baked potato tonight and went ahead and ate about 1/4 of it. The bread basket was calling to me so I gave in and had a roll as well. My steak was cooked was cooked perfectly to medium rare and and couldn't have been happier! 

Our group sat outside on the patio since it was a beautiful night. We enjoyed eating and talking through the night. This old lady was worn out! 

Dinner Group

I also made a decision to start a boot camp in a few weeks. It is called Best Body Bootcamp- I am so very excited and Tina who is facilitating the boot camp seems awesome! She has been beyond helpful and answered my million questions.

 I also really like it since the workouts are for you to do when you decide to workout. I have a hard time with commitments like a boot camp every day at 5am. I just like making my own schedule and with Duane's schedule I have to be flexible. 

I also am a fan of this camp due to the price! I have priced various camps around my area and I just could spend 150 dollars! This camp is only 25 dollars- something that is awesome and affordable. 

I am currently trying to motivate myself to take Sophie to the dog park. She might just get a good walk today! 

Monday, September 17, 2012

GrapeFest- Local Wine Festival

Everyone is going to think that Duane and I have drinking problem after the weekend that we had! Saturday was our brewery tour day which I blogged about earlier. Sunday we met a few of Duane's co-workers for a trip to GrapeFest which is held locally in Grapevine, Texas.

Duane and I arrived early to eat lunch and were quite impressed with the selections. I started the day out quite classy with a corn dog and a glass of champagne.

Duane decided that he wanted a glass of wine and a corn dog. Don't we know how to pair wine and food?

Duane also had his heart set on getting sausage at one of the vendors The Texas Pitstops LLC. We tried two different kinds the Smoked Buffalo Bratwurst and Wild Boar Bratwurst with Apricots and Cranberries. I am not going to lie the Wild Boar was fabulous! It was slightly sweet and you could taste the fruit that was added in. I was a big fan and Duane and I ate them both-so much for trying to stick to veggies!

 Smoked Buffalo Bratwurst and Wild Boar Bratwurst with Apricots and Cranberries

After we met up with the group we watched two of Duane's co-workers participate in the grape stomp. They didn't win but seemed to have a lot of fun! 

Stomping the Grapes! 

After the fun was over a few of the wives and girlfriends decided to do the wine tour. The tour cost 20 dollars and you were able to sample 147 different wines. Yes my friends 147 sips of wine will creep up on you. Proceed with caution if you venture here next year! When we met up with the boys Duane asked why I had this yellow sticker on my shirt- apparently when you get to 100 you are given this. Let's just say that I had  too much fun with the wine tour and the fun was still giving me a headache this morning. 

My wine tour buddies

Duane and I walked around for a bit after but he soon realized that I was indeed done with the day and took me to get cheese fries. Just totally blowing the diet this weekend!! It was fun and I was actual thankful for the food in my tummy! 

Aren't we too cute? 

Please remember to be responsible and never drink and drive!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Brewery Tour and Pizza

September 15 is a special day in my world since its Duane's birthday. I also have a very good friend who has this birthday (Hi Nicole!!!) so I guess its double important!

I asked Duane what he would like to do for his day and he replied "nothing". Duane and I will forever be in a battle over birthdays. I love them and my family has always made a HUGE deal over birthdays- we eat big, make cakes and of course keep the drinks flowing! Duane on the other hand has deemed his birthday is just another day. Oh the horror!!!!!! 

Since he did not have a particular activity in mind I decided to suggest a tour of a local brewery. We drove to McKinney a town that is around 30 minutes from where we live and toured Franconia Brewing Company. As you know Duane has taken the hobby of home brewing up and we are addicted to good beer

Birthday Boy! 

We both really enjoyed the tour which takes about 45 minutes you get to drink a beer while listening to their brew process. After the tour is over you get to have as much beer as you want (no limit- wahoo!!) and mingle with the other guest and brewery staff. The cost of the tour is 5 dollars- bring extra if you would like a brewery glass. They sell them to drink you beer out of while on the tour! Also they only take cash so be sure to grab some if you are a plastic slave like I am. 

Our First Beer 

We spent the full two hours at the brewery looking around and drinking. I was driving so I only had one beer and sips of Duane's! Have fun and enjoy the delicious beer but please do not get into a car and drive home. 

What goes better with beer than pizza? Duane decided he wanted to try a new pizza place that we found in Lewisville called Carmine's Pizzeria. I was most impress with the New York style pizza which is my favorite! I ordered a salad and a piece of pepperoni pizza- a slice was the size of a normal pizza. Duane ordered a pizza with jalapenos, green olives and extra pepperoni- both were beyond fabulous. 

 I also attempted to get some veggies in my life and ate a salad. Duane found a new wing place for dinner so I am trying to drink lots of water. Duane is on a cheat day which his diet allows- I don't have a diet or a cheat day so this is new territory for me. 

Does your significant other celebrate birthdays differently than you do?

What do you think about "cheat days"? Love 'em or hate them?  

Friday, September 14, 2012

Food Truck Friday- Crazy Fish

Most days I go home for lunch or simply snack on various foods while I get caught up on emails. Today a co-worker mentioned that we had food trucks coming so I decided I would try it out.

Apparently I was feeling quite brave today and ordered from the sushi truck. Yes I ate sushi off of a truck and it was the bomb. These people know how to do sushi! The food truck is called Crazy Fish I chose the "Eye of the Tiger Roll" and the "Crunchy Philly" I will say "Eye of the Tiger" won as my favorite the capers on top were a nice touch!

My Rolls
I was also impressed that I got 2 rolls for only 10 bucks! In my book this is a good deal on good fish. They also had about 10 different sauces to try I settled on good ol' soy sauce and Wasabi. YUM! 

(Sorry for the Iphone picture) 

I have been out of my routine for working out this week. I know again. I blame it on Duane when I am with him I tend to move towards the "weekend" mentality even when its Tuesday. I think since some weeks we only see each other one or two days we get in the habit of treating those days like the weekend. Its an excuse that we have used for far too long. I have to find a way to stick to my workouts and spend time with him. I tend to hit snooze at his house and at mine get up and going.

Today I was a slacker and slept in so I will be heading to the gym after work. I am proud that I haven't decided to skip. I keep saying all those great workout motivational things. 

 Here is what I plan to do today:

Just keep going my friends!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

An Outside Run

Today started with a run around the neighborhood and let me tell ya it was fabulous! I am slowly getting used to my morning activity and seem sluggish throughout the day if I miss it.

I am also very sore in my hips and legs which didn't make my run easier this morning. I have been on my feet training the past few days and can tell I am out of trainer shape. It takes a lot to stand for  a 8 hours a day!

Duane made a medley of food for the week and we have been chomping on all different things! I have fallen in love with the salmon and made him promise to make it again soon. The steak and chicken were fabulous but the fish won!

The Master Chef

Dinner Last Night

Duane has started a high protien low carb diet. I have reservations about the diet since its not something I personally would like to do.I just don't like the idea of a "diet" I personally am losing weight by changing my eating habits not giving up everything I love! This blog is deicated to starting a healthy life.  Let's face it there is no way I would be able to give up my chips and salsa. While I am proud of him for trying to make a change it is also hard for me since he seems to be focus only on losing weight. I am of course on my own journey but I gave up soda (almost one week NO coke) because its unhealthy not because it has calories- I adore the diet stuff.  I just think its going to be harder thinking healthy not diet food! I am however very happy we have decided to eat healthy and give up the unhealthy lifestyle.

Off to be productive!


Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Cooking and Workout

This weekend I accomplished something I am quite proud of. I didn't eat out one time Saturday or Sunday. To most people this doesn't seem like that big of a deal but for me this is quite large. Weekends for me tend to make me lazy and want to go grab tacos and stuff my face.

I do not pretend to be a master chef  and baking forget it! However I do like trying new things and making simple food with "real" ingredients. I have been trying to make everything a balanced meal with my plate looking something like the picture below from One Medical Group. While not every meal is going to be perfect I challenge you to try to make 2 meals a day look like this!

In my breakfast life I tend to go for savory. Bring on the bacon and biscuits with gravy-gravy makes everything better and you fatter. (Think about that before you slather it on and lick the plate.)  This weekend I had time to make cheese eggs, toast and an apple for my Saturday morning meal.

Later in the day I decided it was time for a game of "What is in the fridge that needs to be used" I came up with the ultimate leftover food- Shepard's pie! I used turkey meat instead of the usual beef and just plain ol corn and potatoes. I think next time I am going to add more veggies and less potatoes!  Not going to lie very tasty and not too unhealthy since I didn't put any butter in the potatoes or 18 inches of cheese on top. We all need a little good cheesy fat in our lives- a little people.  

The key with dishes such as this is portion control. I made enough for 2-3 people to have correct portions so since I am one person I go one portion- it was about a cup. I am not going to weigh my food or carry around measuring cup but try going for half of what you want then think seconds if you
 are still hungry.  My sister the nutrition major tells us all the time how we can eat what we want but eat just for one! I had my pie with cucumbers and my Greek Yogurt Ranch.

This graphic from the CDC says it best in my opinion!  More on this topic coming soon- I find it absolutely fascinating.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

This or That?

Everyone has likes and dislikes when it comes to working out! I found this on another blog and thought it was absolutely wonderful. I think we all need to figure out what we like about working out and focus on that piece of the pie! This doesn't mean only do the things you like in workouts we all have that one thing we hate to do at the gym. The key is to be positive and find preferences! 

This or That?
  • Run or Work Out in the Heat and Humidity or the Freezing Cold?
I would have to say cold. Your energy gets zapped so quickly in the heat but the cold reminds me of early morning cross country workouts which were HORRIBLE. 

This is a lovely picture from maybe 7th or 8th grade! Cross country dedication! 

  • Have Washboard Abs or Flat Abs 
Flat abs! 
  • Dr. Oz or The Doctors?
To be perfectly honest I try to stay away from shows like this because I am a nut job.   They borderline put me into a  panic about my own healthy and body- I just don't think that a person can do everything they suggest to be healthy. I always seem to finish the show trying to decide what I am going to die of first. 
  • Cardio or Strength Workouts?
Cardio! I am really starting to like the mix of strength and cardio circuit workouts. Puppy Sophie likes cardio best too! 

  • Cravings: Protein or Carbs?
Carbs for sure- nothing like a good bowl of chips and salsa. 
  • Jillian Michaels or Bob Harper?
Bob he just seems a bit nicer and I loved his book The Skinny Rules was a great read. I do like Jillian's workout videos and try to do her 30 day shred video when all else fails. 
  • Frozen Yogurt or Ice Cream?
Frozen yogurt! I love all the goodies you can put into the yogurt and if you want to be cheap just put less in the bowl its all done by weight. 
  • Strength Training Upper Body or Lower Body?
I personally love to do legs for one reason its easier for me. I don't mind arm workouts but I just feel like I am weak and have to push myself harder on those workouts 
  • Protein Powder or Food with Protein? 
Either depends what is easier- sometimes a protein shake is just easier than cooking some type of meat! 
  • Lunges or Squats?
Squats- again it seems easier in reality I am sure this is absolutely false however in my head squats with a little weight its just right.
  • Sweet or Salty?
SALTY! SALTY! SALTY! I usually reach for something that is more salty and savory than sweets. I haven't read this book  Eat Right for Your Blood Type  yet but its all about eating for your blood type and how this could impact your cravings.  Its on the list
  • Workout Attire: Cute or Comfy?
I tend to go towards what works and cute. I like having nice workout clothes but at the same time I am NOT going to be a girl that is only in a sports bra on the treadmill. 
  • Body Pump or Heavy Lifting?
Body Pump, there is a class that I am wanting to try at my gym but I haven't made it yet. I am also planning to sign up for Best Body Bootcamp in a few days. I am so excited! 
  • Yoga or Pilates?
Yoga- I took a Pilates class in college and HATED it. The instructor was not fun and wanted us to learn all the names and forms but we didn't spend much time doing anything. I love my Bethenny Frankel DVD Body By Bethenny
  • Nike or Adidas?
I tend to buy Nike just because I think it is cuter. I love the colors they offer and have always been a fan of Nike running shoes. I will admit that I just purchased some Under Armor gear and loved it.  I am debating about trying a pair of their running shoes. 

  • Running: Treadmill or Outdoors? 
Depends but I seem to run on the treadmill more than outside. I have vowed to run outdoors a couple times a week now that it has cooled off a bit. The 100+ degree weather just makes me want to die so I have not been running outside. In preparation for our 5k in October I need to hit the pavement! 
  • Summer or Winter Olympics?
Summer- I love swimming and gymnastics.
  • Exercises Classes or Exercise Videos?
I like videos however a little puppy named Sophie tends to get in my way when I do them. I don't mind classes but for some reason I honestly don't like going to them by myself. I should just go I know but I don't want to be the crazy lady that can't keep up. I need one fitness focused friend that will attend with me. My mom loves classes so I plan on getting a guest pass to her gym when I am home each time to attend with her. Her favorite class is water aerobics- she tells me she is the youngest by 20 years!  

  • Steamed veggies or roasted veggies?
Roasted veggies rock! I like this since you can add whatever spices you want and they can be a little crunchy.

What would your answers be? Take time to answer a few and then get your bottom in gear and do something active today! 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Shot of Cool

Today when I took Sophie out for our morning romp I was shocked- it was not hot outside! It was beyond pleasant and a great moment. I started my weekly cleaning and laundry so very fun! I also talked to my parents for a bit which is always a nice treat!

Breakfast was me not being sure what I wanted to eat so I had a little bit of everything. I had two eggs and a bowl of Raisin Brand with almond milk.

I then ran to the store and grabbed my weekly fruit and veggies. I did not need much of anything else which I love shopping trips like that! Duane told me he would grill some chicken and a couple different meats tomorrow so I'm set!

I am actually very excited today. One of the guys that Duane works with created a diet for some of them to stay in shape and eat right. He has decide it is something that he wants to follow and I completely am on board. However after I heard what the diet was I wanted to hit him- it's exactly  what I have been trying to do for him! Whatever it's easier when he is eating healthy with me and not trying to take me to 50 cent wing night.

For lunch I honestly couldn't decide what I wanted. Nothing sounded good even though I was hungry and very thirsty! I made a green tea icey to drink.

Green Tea
1 Tsp Honey
Juice of one lemon

Lunch consisted of blue cheese wedge salad with light blue cheese dressing, pulled pork and a nectarine.

I am about to head off to the gym for a nice long workout. I am very stiff from taking 2 days away so I need to get a moving.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Surprise Breakfast and Lunch

I woke up this morning feeling a little under the weather. I like everyone else had to attend work today so I scraped myself out of the bed. A happy surprise awaited me! 

Duane had me a perfect cup of coffee waiting and a cheerful smile! 

I enjoyed my coffee then took my little Wiggle on a walk. Wiggle is what Duane calls Sophie since every time she sees him she wiggles around and slaps the sides of her body with her tail. Then she pees everywhere...lovey. 

After our walk, I came back to the house and Duane asked what I would like for breakfast! What?!? I get coffee and breakfast?! It was a lovely surprise and breakfast was wonderful. Duane is an AMAZING cook and even with something as simple as eggs he masters it. I had scrambled eggs, bacon, a peach and blue berry Greek yogurt. I ate everything but the yogurt- I was too full and it made a perfect snack at work later in the morning. 

I received second surprise today when Duane asked if I would meet him for lunch.  Well of course I will! This sounds like something so small-but it was really nice for us.We were talking at lunch and decided this is the first time we have met for lunch during my work day. It was nice to see him and talk about the day so far. 

Duane is on the hunt for a good Thai place so we tried Thai Pepper.  The food was amazing my favorite part was the starter soup but my main dish was fabulous as well. I ordered Pad Thai, it was different than anything I have had previously much more peanuty.

I forgot to take pictures of the entire meal so here is my dish!

 After lunch Duane made me get a Thai coffee to go. The coffee was much stronger than my standard iced coffee from Starbucks. I like the sweet and coffee flavor but it was made with real sugar which I am trying to reduce! This was the best idea for keeping me up all afternoon at work though. 

Overall it was a wonderful day and I am so happy that Duane and I got to do some "normal" day stuff since he is usually asleep and I am usually at work. 

Do you have something special that you do with a significant other that might seem "everyday"? 

Do you like a big breakfast or would you prefer to eat something smaller?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Chiropractor Appointment

In my quest for health I was at the gym and a local chiropractor was giving health exams. I decided sure I have fifteen minutes so I went through the quick process. Much to my amazement my head actually sits TWO inches forward from where it needed to be! I scheduled an appointment for me and Duane (he loves it when I just sign him up for stuff) I went last week go x-rays and so forth. Turns out my neck is in no bueno shape!

This is a sample picture of what my neck looks like right now. This could also be a factor in my shoulder tension and headaches!

No curve in the neck 

Here is an example of a healthy neck shape! 
Natural Curve 
See the difference? 

I had a great experience today. We first did exercises that will help align my spine all the way through and work the muscles to minimize the chance of my neck going back to the straight shape. My adjustment was not painful at all but felt really good. I am a bit sore a couple hours later but that is common. I am just drinking lots of water! The only think that I think is hard is the time- I have to devote about 45 minutes 3 times a week! Sophie isn't happy she doesn't get to see me until about six pm! 

Today's workout! 


Time  Resistance 
0-3          5 
3-10        11
10-12:30  13
12:30-15  14 
15-25       11 

Also ran 1 mile run wahoo! I have a beauty of a workout planned for tomorrow workout. Hopefully  my neck and shoulders will be happy! 

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or chiropractor these are MY thoughts and MY experiences. Please consult your own doctor for personal information! 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Not Much Labor Weekend

As I sit here writing I am sad that the weekend has already ended! Three days have gone way too fast and I need more I tell you moooorrrreee! To be perfectly honest I just like wearing workout clothes everyday instead of my business casual- I absolutely love the job part!!

Onto the weekend! We did not do much on Saturday but run errands and watch TV. Duane brewed beer after I was asleep on the couch so here is my one picture! Promise I will do an entire post on the beer brewing.
Beer making
We were planning to eat meals off of the pulled-pork shoulder Duane made but seemed to only eat a couple and decided on Italian for date night! The pork was unbelievable and I will convince Duane to make it again. I also love it because I have a weeks worth of meat to create different plates. 

Out of the Oven

All Pulled Apart 

Lunch: Little mustard and BBQ sauce on my sandwich

I also made one of my favorite cookies this weekend for a sweet treat. Since I honestly am a terrible baker I of course made No-Bake Cookies. They were really good! At the end I started making them bite size and will do this from now on. I do not need a whole cookie just a couple bites! 

The puppies were in full form this weekend. It was mostly my  fault- I usually take Sophie and Bogey on walks or working towards runs! However it was HOT in Texas this weekend and relaxing in the cool house was much better as an option. So they ran around the house. We try to put them in the back yard to play but they just sit at the door looking like an ASPCA add. Aren't they so mistreated??

While Bogey and Sophie are going nuts Arnold is a big fat baby and wants to be held. The 90 pound golden retriever fits nicely in all laps yes? Duane is by far Arnold's favorite person (I'm a close second!) but he wants attention from Duane and is a pest if he doesn't get it.