Friday, September 14, 2012

Food Truck Friday- Crazy Fish

Most days I go home for lunch or simply snack on various foods while I get caught up on emails. Today a co-worker mentioned that we had food trucks coming so I decided I would try it out.

Apparently I was feeling quite brave today and ordered from the sushi truck. Yes I ate sushi off of a truck and it was the bomb. These people know how to do sushi! The food truck is called Crazy Fish I chose the "Eye of the Tiger Roll" and the "Crunchy Philly" I will say "Eye of the Tiger" won as my favorite the capers on top were a nice touch!

My Rolls
I was also impressed that I got 2 rolls for only 10 bucks! In my book this is a good deal on good fish. They also had about 10 different sauces to try I settled on good ol' soy sauce and Wasabi. YUM! 

(Sorry for the Iphone picture) 

I have been out of my routine for working out this week. I know again. I blame it on Duane when I am with him I tend to move towards the "weekend" mentality even when its Tuesday. I think since some weeks we only see each other one or two days we get in the habit of treating those days like the weekend. Its an excuse that we have used for far too long. I have to find a way to stick to my workouts and spend time with him. I tend to hit snooze at his house and at mine get up and going.

Today I was a slacker and slept in so I will be heading to the gym after work. I am proud that I haven't decided to skip. I keep saying all those great workout motivational things. 

 Here is what I plan to do today:

Just keep going my friends!

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