Monday, September 3, 2012

Not Much Labor Weekend

As I sit here writing I am sad that the weekend has already ended! Three days have gone way too fast and I need more I tell you moooorrrreee! To be perfectly honest I just like wearing workout clothes everyday instead of my business casual- I absolutely love the job part!!

Onto the weekend! We did not do much on Saturday but run errands and watch TV. Duane brewed beer after I was asleep on the couch so here is my one picture! Promise I will do an entire post on the beer brewing.
Beer making
We were planning to eat meals off of the pulled-pork shoulder Duane made but seemed to only eat a couple and decided on Italian for date night! The pork was unbelievable and I will convince Duane to make it again. I also love it because I have a weeks worth of meat to create different plates. 

Out of the Oven

All Pulled Apart 

Lunch: Little mustard and BBQ sauce on my sandwich

I also made one of my favorite cookies this weekend for a sweet treat. Since I honestly am a terrible baker I of course made No-Bake Cookies. They were really good! At the end I started making them bite size and will do this from now on. I do not need a whole cookie just a couple bites! 

The puppies were in full form this weekend. It was mostly my  fault- I usually take Sophie and Bogey on walks or working towards runs! However it was HOT in Texas this weekend and relaxing in the cool house was much better as an option. So they ran around the house. We try to put them in the back yard to play but they just sit at the door looking like an ASPCA add. Aren't they so mistreated??

While Bogey and Sophie are going nuts Arnold is a big fat baby and wants to be held. The 90 pound golden retriever fits nicely in all laps yes? Duane is by far Arnold's favorite person (I'm a close second!) but he wants attention from Duane and is a pest if he doesn't get it. 

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