Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Cooking and Workout

This weekend I accomplished something I am quite proud of. I didn't eat out one time Saturday or Sunday. To most people this doesn't seem like that big of a deal but for me this is quite large. Weekends for me tend to make me lazy and want to go grab tacos and stuff my face.

I do not pretend to be a master chef  and baking forget it! However I do like trying new things and making simple food with "real" ingredients. I have been trying to make everything a balanced meal with my plate looking something like the picture below from One Medical Group. While not every meal is going to be perfect I challenge you to try to make 2 meals a day look like this!

In my breakfast life I tend to go for savory. Bring on the bacon and biscuits with gravy-gravy makes everything better and you fatter. (Think about that before you slather it on and lick the plate.)  This weekend I had time to make cheese eggs, toast and an apple for my Saturday morning meal.

Later in the day I decided it was time for a game of "What is in the fridge that needs to be used" I came up with the ultimate leftover food- Shepard's pie! I used turkey meat instead of the usual beef and just plain ol corn and potatoes. I think next time I am going to add more veggies and less potatoes!  Not going to lie very tasty and not too unhealthy since I didn't put any butter in the potatoes or 18 inches of cheese on top. We all need a little good cheesy fat in our lives- a little people.  

The key with dishes such as this is portion control. I made enough for 2-3 people to have correct portions so since I am one person I go one portion- it was about a cup. I am not going to weigh my food or carry around measuring cup but try going for half of what you want then think seconds if you
 are still hungry.  My sister the nutrition major tells us all the time how we can eat what we want but eat just for one! I had my pie with cucumbers and my Greek Yogurt Ranch.

This graphic from the CDC says it best in my opinion!  More on this topic coming soon- I find it absolutely fascinating.

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