Thursday, September 6, 2012

Surprise Breakfast and Lunch

I woke up this morning feeling a little under the weather. I like everyone else had to attend work today so I scraped myself out of the bed. A happy surprise awaited me! 

Duane had me a perfect cup of coffee waiting and a cheerful smile! 

I enjoyed my coffee then took my little Wiggle on a walk. Wiggle is what Duane calls Sophie since every time she sees him she wiggles around and slaps the sides of her body with her tail. Then she pees everywhere...lovey. 

After our walk, I came back to the house and Duane asked what I would like for breakfast! What?!? I get coffee and breakfast?! It was a lovely surprise and breakfast was wonderful. Duane is an AMAZING cook and even with something as simple as eggs he masters it. I had scrambled eggs, bacon, a peach and blue berry Greek yogurt. I ate everything but the yogurt- I was too full and it made a perfect snack at work later in the morning. 

I received second surprise today when Duane asked if I would meet him for lunch.  Well of course I will! This sounds like something so small-but it was really nice for us.We were talking at lunch and decided this is the first time we have met for lunch during my work day. It was nice to see him and talk about the day so far. 

Duane is on the hunt for a good Thai place so we tried Thai Pepper.  The food was amazing my favorite part was the starter soup but my main dish was fabulous as well. I ordered Pad Thai, it was different than anything I have had previously much more peanuty.

I forgot to take pictures of the entire meal so here is my dish!

 After lunch Duane made me get a Thai coffee to go. The coffee was much stronger than my standard iced coffee from Starbucks. I like the sweet and coffee flavor but it was made with real sugar which I am trying to reduce! This was the best idea for keeping me up all afternoon at work though. 

Overall it was a wonderful day and I am so happy that Duane and I got to do some "normal" day stuff since he is usually asleep and I am usually at work. 

Do you have something special that you do with a significant other that might seem "everyday"? 

Do you like a big breakfast or would you prefer to eat something smaller?

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