Saturday, September 1, 2012

Beer Brewing and Morning Workout

Happy long weekend everyone! I am planning a weekend of relaxing with Duane and the puppies!

Duane has adopted the hobby of beer brewing so we (he) is going to brew beer and I plan on drink it. I love all his different kinds of beer. He honestly loves experimenting with flavors and different kinds of beer. I have a couple favorites: Lemon Beer and Blood Orange Beer. He made the Blood Orange Beer for me it has become favorites of many but he knows its alllllll mine! I will post more pictures after we complete our beer today! 

On to my morning workout! 

I started off with 15 minutes on the elliptical. I wanted to do about 30 but oh heavens I was so bored with it today. I knew I wanted to do something different so I stole pieces of a workout from one of my favorite blogs! Peanut Butter Fingers (LOVE this blog) I am working on creating workouts like she does and posting them! Here is what I did today! 

I had a shake for breakfast and not sure what we are going to do for lunch! 

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