Thursday, September 13, 2012

An Outside Run

Today started with a run around the neighborhood and let me tell ya it was fabulous! I am slowly getting used to my morning activity and seem sluggish throughout the day if I miss it.

I am also very sore in my hips and legs which didn't make my run easier this morning. I have been on my feet training the past few days and can tell I am out of trainer shape. It takes a lot to stand for  a 8 hours a day!

Duane made a medley of food for the week and we have been chomping on all different things! I have fallen in love with the salmon and made him promise to make it again soon. The steak and chicken were fabulous but the fish won!

The Master Chef

Dinner Last Night

Duane has started a high protien low carb diet. I have reservations about the diet since its not something I personally would like to do.I just don't like the idea of a "diet" I personally am losing weight by changing my eating habits not giving up everything I love! This blog is deicated to starting a healthy life.  Let's face it there is no way I would be able to give up my chips and salsa. While I am proud of him for trying to make a change it is also hard for me since he seems to be focus only on losing weight. I am of course on my own journey but I gave up soda (almost one week NO coke) because its unhealthy not because it has calories- I adore the diet stuff.  I just think its going to be harder thinking healthy not diet food! I am however very happy we have decided to eat healthy and give up the unhealthy lifestyle.

Off to be productive!


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