Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Chiropractor Appointment

In my quest for health I was at the gym and a local chiropractor was giving health exams. I decided sure I have fifteen minutes so I went through the quick process. Much to my amazement my head actually sits TWO inches forward from where it needed to be! I scheduled an appointment for me and Duane (he loves it when I just sign him up for stuff) I went last week go x-rays and so forth. Turns out my neck is in no bueno shape!

This is a sample picture of what my neck looks like right now. This could also be a factor in my shoulder tension and headaches!

No curve in the neck 

Here is an example of a healthy neck shape! 
Natural Curve 
See the difference? 

I had a great experience today. We first did exercises that will help align my spine all the way through and work the muscles to minimize the chance of my neck going back to the straight shape. My adjustment was not painful at all but felt really good. I am a bit sore a couple hours later but that is common. I am just drinking lots of water! The only think that I think is hard is the time- I have to devote about 45 minutes 3 times a week! Sophie isn't happy she doesn't get to see me until about six pm! 

Today's workout! 


Time  Resistance 
0-3          5 
3-10        11
10-12:30  13
12:30-15  14 
15-25       11 

Also ran 1 mile run wahoo! I have a beauty of a workout planned for tomorrow workout. Hopefully  my neck and shoulders will be happy! 

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or chiropractor these are MY thoughts and MY experiences. Please consult your own doctor for personal information! 

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  1. Good thing you discovered you have some kind of a posture problem! It’s really surprising, right? You feel normal every day, and then this? It’s really true that, just because you don’t feel sick, doesn’t mean you’re healthy. Sometimes the problem just lies within, brewing itself ‘til it blows up. Do you still visit a chiro nowadays?