Monday, September 17, 2012

GrapeFest- Local Wine Festival

Everyone is going to think that Duane and I have drinking problem after the weekend that we had! Saturday was our brewery tour day which I blogged about earlier. Sunday we met a few of Duane's co-workers for a trip to GrapeFest which is held locally in Grapevine, Texas.

Duane and I arrived early to eat lunch and were quite impressed with the selections. I started the day out quite classy with a corn dog and a glass of champagne.

Duane decided that he wanted a glass of wine and a corn dog. Don't we know how to pair wine and food?

Duane also had his heart set on getting sausage at one of the vendors The Texas Pitstops LLC. We tried two different kinds the Smoked Buffalo Bratwurst and Wild Boar Bratwurst with Apricots and Cranberries. I am not going to lie the Wild Boar was fabulous! It was slightly sweet and you could taste the fruit that was added in. I was a big fan and Duane and I ate them both-so much for trying to stick to veggies!

 Smoked Buffalo Bratwurst and Wild Boar Bratwurst with Apricots and Cranberries

After we met up with the group we watched two of Duane's co-workers participate in the grape stomp. They didn't win but seemed to have a lot of fun! 

Stomping the Grapes! 

After the fun was over a few of the wives and girlfriends decided to do the wine tour. The tour cost 20 dollars and you were able to sample 147 different wines. Yes my friends 147 sips of wine will creep up on you. Proceed with caution if you venture here next year! When we met up with the boys Duane asked why I had this yellow sticker on my shirt- apparently when you get to 100 you are given this. Let's just say that I had  too much fun with the wine tour and the fun was still giving me a headache this morning. 

My wine tour buddies

Duane and I walked around for a bit after but he soon realized that I was indeed done with the day and took me to get cheese fries. Just totally blowing the diet this weekend!! It was fun and I was actual thankful for the food in my tummy! 

Aren't we too cute? 

Please remember to be responsible and never drink and drive!

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