Saturday, September 15, 2012

Brewery Tour and Pizza

September 15 is a special day in my world since its Duane's birthday. I also have a very good friend who has this birthday (Hi Nicole!!!) so I guess its double important!

I asked Duane what he would like to do for his day and he replied "nothing". Duane and I will forever be in a battle over birthdays. I love them and my family has always made a HUGE deal over birthdays- we eat big, make cakes and of course keep the drinks flowing! Duane on the other hand has deemed his birthday is just another day. Oh the horror!!!!!! 

Since he did not have a particular activity in mind I decided to suggest a tour of a local brewery. We drove to McKinney a town that is around 30 minutes from where we live and toured Franconia Brewing Company. As you know Duane has taken the hobby of home brewing up and we are addicted to good beer

Birthday Boy! 

We both really enjoyed the tour which takes about 45 minutes you get to drink a beer while listening to their brew process. After the tour is over you get to have as much beer as you want (no limit- wahoo!!) and mingle with the other guest and brewery staff. The cost of the tour is 5 dollars- bring extra if you would like a brewery glass. They sell them to drink you beer out of while on the tour! Also they only take cash so be sure to grab some if you are a plastic slave like I am. 

Our First Beer 

We spent the full two hours at the brewery looking around and drinking. I was driving so I only had one beer and sips of Duane's! Have fun and enjoy the delicious beer but please do not get into a car and drive home. 

What goes better with beer than pizza? Duane decided he wanted to try a new pizza place that we found in Lewisville called Carmine's Pizzeria. I was most impress with the New York style pizza which is my favorite! I ordered a salad and a piece of pepperoni pizza- a slice was the size of a normal pizza. Duane ordered a pizza with jalapenos, green olives and extra pepperoni- both were beyond fabulous. 

 I also attempted to get some veggies in my life and ate a salad. Duane found a new wing place for dinner so I am trying to drink lots of water. Duane is on a cheat day which his diet allows- I don't have a diet or a cheat day so this is new territory for me. 

Does your significant other celebrate birthdays differently than you do?

What do you think about "cheat days"? Love 'em or hate them?  

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