Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Shot of Cool

Today when I took Sophie out for our morning romp I was shocked- it was not hot outside! It was beyond pleasant and a great moment. I started my weekly cleaning and laundry so very fun! I also talked to my parents for a bit which is always a nice treat!

Breakfast was me not being sure what I wanted to eat so I had a little bit of everything. I had two eggs and a bowl of Raisin Brand with almond milk.

I then ran to the store and grabbed my weekly fruit and veggies. I did not need much of anything else which I love shopping trips like that! Duane told me he would grill some chicken and a couple different meats tomorrow so I'm set!

I am actually very excited today. One of the guys that Duane works with created a diet for some of them to stay in shape and eat right. He has decide it is something that he wants to follow and I completely am on board. However after I heard what the diet was I wanted to hit him- it's exactly  what I have been trying to do for him! Whatever it's easier when he is eating healthy with me and not trying to take me to 50 cent wing night.

For lunch I honestly couldn't decide what I wanted. Nothing sounded good even though I was hungry and very thirsty! I made a green tea icey to drink.

Green Tea
1 Tsp Honey
Juice of one lemon

Lunch consisted of blue cheese wedge salad with light blue cheese dressing, pulled pork and a nectarine.

I am about to head off to the gym for a nice long workout. I am very stiff from taking 2 days away so I need to get a moving.


  1. So enjoy your blog. Such dedicate to a healthy and happy lifestyle!