Friday, September 21, 2012

Finally Friday

Happy weekend everyone! This week has been a doozie and I am happy to finally put the lid on it. Of course Monday I will have to open the box again so I am taking advantage of my rest days.

This weekend Duane is working so I am solo on food! Lucky for me he pre-cooked me chicken and fish for the weekend. Yes ladies he is taken :)

Last night I was once again spoiled and Duane made me dinner. Duane is sticking to his diet and has lost almost 8 pounds! I am really proud of him for sticking to this next I am going to work on him running with me.

We had baked salmon steamed snap peas and a yellow bell pepper with balsamic vinegar. I loved the added flavor! I also was not allowed to put any salt on anything- yes I might have salt issue.

Duane is pretty much off carbs of any kind but will have some occasionally. I however am trying to only eat carbs in the morning then a small amount with lunch to keep me going. Dinner is a lean meat and veggies! I will also usually let myself have some kind of fruit.

Enough food talk lets talk workouts. I am devoted to get back to working out 6 days a week-which has NOT happened this week. I am hoping tomorrows workout will get me back in the groove and I haven't lost it all. I think a week off helped me actually I needed the mental break and I am trying not to beat myself up about it.

I was reading another fitness blog the other day and she said something along the lines of "I have put in 9 miles today and 5 of those were pushing that dang heavy stroller" What? 9 miles and with twins in a stroller? All I could think was Allison stop being such a big fat baby! Get your butt out there and get busy.

So this weekend I am workout ready and getting it done. I will post workouts tomorrow before I head out to the gym.

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