Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Gym Times: Looking Good

This is Sophie when I asked about a morning run today! Guess we will try again tomorrow morning she was NOT into anything more than our normal walk.

Duane asked me what I would like for my birthday even though we had agreed no presents and to spend money on our trip in the fall. Men! I was not sure what I wanted or even needed but my new obsession is working out and let me tell you I want to look good at the gym! I honestly have no idea why I want cute workout clothes its the gym the whole point is to get sweaty and gross. I just wanted to share my fun new clothes for time at the gym. 

Here is a picture of me after a long workout! I worked hard but still smiling!

Today I have focused on really drinking water! More to come on this topic soon. Gym time today is going to be a fast workout that is very intense.


Time      Resistance
0-3                5
3-11              11
11-12:30       13
12:30-15       14
15-20            11
20-25            7

Run One Mile today I am going to go at a 5.9!

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